September 9, 2020

Today we’re excited to share this guest post from Boston couple Ben Jamieson and Sarah Glinski, whose pandemic accomplishments include baking sourdough bread and finding uses for their extra sourdough starter. Oh, and also they got engaged! Congrats Ben and Sarah! And...

July 23, 2020

What you see: Broccoli with a blueish tinge
What it is: Plant pigments and/or a waxy coating on the broccoli
Eat or toss: Eat! This is normal for broccoli

The story:
This broccoli may look a little blue, but there's nothing to be sad about here. This head just happens t...

July 17, 2020

When I’m putting together pieces for EatOrToss, I often turn to researchers in a field known as postharvest science. These are the horticulturists, plant pathologists, engineers and others who study our fruits and vegetables, and what it takes to grow, harvest, process...

July 7, 2020

What you see: White cauliflower with some random purple patches in the branches and stem
What it is: Bonus colors from anthocyanins, common plant pigments
Eat or toss: Eat! This is harmless. In fact, anthocyanins are good for you!

The story:
I’ve never had the pleasure...

June 30, 2020

Eating the last pickle doesn’t mean your pickle jar is empty! Consider: pickle juice. The brine is salty, acidic, complex, and sometimes even comes with herbs and spices that can enhance everything from a salad to a cocktail. Or, bread. It’s lovely in bread. 


June 24, 2020

What you see: Translucent, watercolor-like smudges on your eggshell
What it is: Mottling, or a place where moisture is trapped in the shell
Eat or toss: Eat! This is a cosmetic issue (if it's a spiderweb pattern, however, you may be looking at a crack so check out this...

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