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May 21, 2020

What you see/experience: An apple with an icky, sandy texture; it’s mealy.
What it is: A mealy apple! It's been stored for a while and lost some of its moisture and texture with age.
Eat or toss: If it doesn’t bother you too much, keep eating. If it does, chop it and z...

May 18, 2020

What you see: A translucent spiderweb or shatter pattern on your egg; you may not see an apparent crack.
What it is: The shell is slightly cracked, but the membrane around the egg white is still intact. 
Eat or toss: Eat! But prioritize eating this egg and make su...

May 15, 2020

What you see: Discolored, dry-looking patches in sweet potato flesh, more toward the outside than the inside. The exterior of the sweet potato probably looks normal.
What it is: Dead and dying cells aka “internal necrosis.” Scientists are still trying to understand why...

May 13, 2020

What you see: Your golden raisins are brown
What it is: Raisins that either weren’t properly treated or were kept too warm; either could cause them to brown
Eat or toss: Eat! They’re still safe and should taste fine. 

The story:
Up until this very moment, you may have i...

May 7, 2020

What you see: A plum whose skin has split open, exposing its soft, wet interior
What it is: A cracked plum!
Eat or toss: Toss. Something problematic could have made its way into the plum flesh.

The story:
Back when they were dangling off the tree, these plums didn’t get...

May 5, 2020

What you see: A dented, cracked egg; its contents may or may not appear to have spilled out
What it is: The dent suggests that both the shell and the egg's membrane layer broke, making it easier for pathogens to enter. 
Eat or toss: This depends on when the crack occur...

May 1, 2020

What you see: Purple sprouts and stalks emerging from your sweet potato
What it is: A sprouting sweet potato
Eat or toss: Eat! A sweet potato with a small bunch of sprouts will still taste fine. Fresh sweet potato sprouts are edible too (unlike regular potato sprouts).


April 27, 2020

What you see: Dried sage that looks oddly fluffy
What it is: Rubbed sage, which is made by literally rubbing and sieving sage to a fluffy consistency
Eat or toss: Eat! It’s supposed to look like this!

The story:
When you open your jar of rubbed sage and discover that it...

April 24, 2020

Overwhelmed with holiday cookies? Did your latest baking experiment yield less than amazing results? Contemplating some store-bought cookies on the verge of going stale? 

Don’t let them go to waste! Instead, upcycle them into truffles!

Cookie truffles transform just...

April 21, 2020

What you see: Tiny sprouts falling out of your onion
What it is: The onion is sprouting!
Eat or toss: Eat!

The story:
This was quite the surprise! I was innocently cutting up an onion when I turned it over and it seemed to be having...babies? Lots of little tiny onion s...

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