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grilled cheese made from cheese board extras

Leftover cheese platter grilled cheese


Turn those cheeseboard extras into a grilled cheese that’s deliciously extra.


  • Cheese board extras like:
    • Cheese, any kind (essential)

    • Pickled veggies

    • Other veggies

    • Dried fruit

  • Vegetables friendly to grilled cheese that you need to use up. Spinach? Tomatoes? Kale (cooked or raw)
  • Mayo. This will help prevent a dry sandwich if you’re using hearty bread and low-moisture cheeses
  • Bread of your choice. The sandwich pictured is built on whole grain bread.
  • Butter


  1. At the end of the party, eyeball the cheese platter. If it looks like the host has no plans for it, ask. If the host responds by saying “Oh my gosh, yes, please take as much as you can,” then do.

  2. The next day (or, in the case of this cheeseboard rescue, over the course of the next several days), slice the cheese to a sandwich-friendly thickness. Do the same for any veggies you plan to add to the sandwich.

  3. Sauté the buffet veggies in a little olive oil, if needed. (Optional. This is for folks who want to be extra cautious given that the food sat out. I choose to take this precaution myself, but some might consider it excessive)

  4. Butter the bread.

  5. Heat a pan to medium and put the buttered side down to toast the bread.

  6. As soon as the bread is in the pan, layer the cheese on it. You can put the cheese on both slices of bread or just one. Sometimes I just do one and I put a layer of mayo on the other slice. I find mayo keeps heartier bread from tasting too dry.)

  7. Layer the veggies and/or dried fruit onto the sandwich.

  8. Keep an eye on the bread and the cheese, adjusting the heat as needed. 

  9. If the cheese isn’t melting as much as you’d like, transfer the bread, cheese-side-up  to a plate and put it in a toaster oven for a final cheese-melting blast of heat. 

  10. Once everything is nicely warmed, put the top slice of bread on top to complete the sandwich. The party goes on!