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One of the joys of operating this website has been hearing from readers about their own adventures with sizing up weird-looking food and trying to reduce their waste. We hear from so many people that we wanted to dedicate this space to sharing their tales! 

So, please, use this as a place to share your stories—whether influenced by EatOrToss or not—of rescuing food, making creative use of food, and of making educated decisions about produce and other edibles that might be giving you the side-eye.  Whether it was a single banana or a platter rescued from a catered lunch, we want to hear about it! Can't wait to learn about your adventures!

You can submit your story via the box below, through our Facebook page, by tagging @EatOrToss on Twitter, or by emailing 

“Feeling inspired by all your posts.... just diced up all our broccoli and vege stalks to sneak into a stew... hoping the family won't taste the extra nutritious veg!”

~ N.O., New Zealand

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