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Leftover French fry scramble

Leftover French Fry Scramble


A delicious way to use up French fries!


Leftover French fries. As many as you have.

Onion. Rough chopped, or however you like. Onion is essential to this recipe, I think.

Eggs. I usually do at least six eggs so we can get several servings out of the dish. I consider eggs essential to the dish, but you could also play with another protein. Ground beef? Veggie crumbles?

Other veggies. Diced bell peppers would be great. As would zucchini, asparagus, broccoli or anything that you can dice and sauté quickly. Or, greens that heat nicely, like spinach. Raid your fridge!

Herbs? Fresh or dried. Whatever you like and whatever you have.

Salt, pepper and other seasonings. Garlic salt,  onion salt or another seasoning mix could be your friend here. Of course, if your fries came pre-seasoned, you could be good to go.

Ketchup. If you like ketchup on your breakfast hash, bring it on!


  1. Chop onion and sauté in a little bit of oil
  2. Add other veggies and continue to sauté until they’re soft
  3. While the veggies sauté, dice the fries into smaller pieces
  4. Toss the fries into the sauté pan and heat until they’re warmed, and hopefully a bit crispy on the outside
  5. Beat (if you like) some eggs and pour them into the mix. You can push the veggies to the side and scramble the eggs on their own, or turn everything into a giant omelette. You rule this breakfast!
  6. Serve and wait for happy, satisfied noises.


Special thanks to this Hints from Heloise column for inspiring this recipe!