This is why you never need to abandon your French fries again

This breakfast scramble is made from leftover restaurant French fries, which come back to life when they're warmed in a skillet.

If we were to illustrate sadness with food, I think it might look like that haphazard pile of restaurant French fries that you just couldn’t quite finish. Where they had once been hot and crispy and enticing, now they’re cold, a little gummy and, somehow, wilting.

Are there enough to justify taking them home? And really, it’s not like they’ll be any good if you zap them in the microwave; they’ll just get gummier on the outside and chalky on the inside. No, you think to yourself, their time is clearly up and I need to say goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, sad French fry.


There is an answer here. And that answer lies in your sauté pan. Today’s leftover fries can be the backbone of tomorrow’s breakfast scramble. Chop them into little potato hashy cubes. Sauté them back to life with onions and maybe some diced red pepper or whatever other vegetables you have on hand. Then round things out with eggs and...voila, the French fries serve another day and you have a hot and satisfying breakfast.

Leftover French Fry Scramble


Leftover French fries (as many as you like)

Onion (essential), rough chopped, or however you like

Eggs (basically essential, though you could go rogue and skip them or do ground beef or something tofu-y instead)

Other veggies. Diced bell peppers would be great. As would zucchini, asparagus, broccoli or anything that would dice and saute quickly. Or, greens that heat nicely, like spinach. Raid your fridge!

Herbs? Fresh or dried. Whatever you like and whatever you have.

Salt & Pepper. Garlic salt, onion salt or another seasoning mix could be your friend here. Of course, if your fries came pre-seasoned, you could be good to go.

Ketchup. If you like ketchup on your breakfast hash, bring it on!


1. Chop onion and sauté in a little bit of oil

2. Add other veggies and continue to sauté until they’re soft

3. While the veggies sauté, dice the fries into smaller pieces

4. Toss the fries into the sauté pan and heat until they’re warmed, and hopefully a bit crispy on the outside

5. Beat (if you like) some eggs and pour them into the mix. You can push the veggies to the side and scramble the eggs on their own, or turn everything into a giant omelette. You rule this breakfast!

6. Serve and wait for happy, satisfied noises.

Special thanks to this Hints from Heloise column for inspiring this recipe!

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