Overripe bananas make for overachieving ice cream

This ice cream was made with bananas, yogurt, peanut butter and nutella.

Ok, so not only does this recipe help use up overripe bananas, but it also may be one of the healthiest desserts ever. Seriously. Nearly everything* in this is really good for you. But it doesn’t taste like it! It’s all kind of like magic. You put frozen bananas in a blender with some other stuff, hit blend, and the result is a creamy ice cream-like concoction that could rival a super rich dessert.

And the food waste bonus? You never need to throw away overripe bananas again. Once they get to that point where you don’t want to eat them whole—you know, when they’re a bit too brown, a bit too mushy**—simply peel them and drop them in a freezer bag. The good news for your sweet tooth is that when they’re at this stage, their sugar content is highest. The good news for the rest of your body is that their antioxidant count is also high when they're older and browner. In conclusion, dessert = health food.

Crazy Easy Mostly Healthy Banana Ice Cream


Required Frozen overripe bananas

Potential additions Yogurt - I usually add this as it adds a lovely creaminess.

Peanut butter - I like to add peanut butter for protein.

Nutella - Ok, this is perhaps a little less healthy than promised, but it’s still a delicious add

Anything else that sounds good to you! Chocolate chips? Another kind of fruit? A splash of coconut milk? Shredded coconut? Chia seeds?


1. Break the frozen bananas into smaller pieces for easier blending. Drop them in a blender with whatever other ingredients you’re using. Add the other ingredients in in ratios that make sense to you — you can always adjust later.

2. Blend!

3. Enjoy!

I usually make more than one serving and freeze the rest for later. Keep in mind though that this "ice cream" freezes pretty hard. So, you'll want to give it a few minutes on the counter to defrost before sinking your spoon in.

*Except if you add, say Nutella or chocolate, which is totally fine, but just less super healthy **But not showing any signs of mold; that’s when you should throw them out

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