Is that blood in my egg?

Red spots in egg yolks are blood from the chicken's reproductive tract; once cooked they are safe to eat.

What you see: A vivid red speck, or something that looks like a drop of blood in the egg yolk What it is: A spot of blood from the chicken’s reproductive tract Eat or toss? Eat! Even a nasty-looking blood spot is safe to eat once the egg is cooked.

The story: This spot is actually blood, which is admittedly gross. But if you consider that you’re eating part of the chicken’s reproductive cycle, the entire concept of eating eggs is a bit weird.

These little spots glom on when the ovary releases the yolk. That yolk release is normally a smooth process, but sometimes a blood vessel catches and leaves behind a drop or two of blood. The Virtual Chicken, a short video produced by Auburn University, takes you inside the chicken and highlights exactly where this can happen.

Like everything else inside that eggshell, blood spots are safe to eat, as long as the egg is thoroughly cooked. But if you want to ruin your appetite, or get inspiration for your next horror film, do a Google image search on egg blood spots. Yeek!

SOURCES: Pat Curtis - Head of Prestage Department of Poultry Science - North Carolina State University Virtual Chicken video - Auburn University

What Does a Blood Spot in an Egg Mean? -

Out damn spot….Or, I’ll just eat you

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