Are really brown bananas OK to eat?

Should you throw out really brown or black bananas?

What you see: A very black or dark banana

What it is: Just a very, very ripe banana

Eat or toss? Eat! Super dark bananas are great for baking breads or freezing for later use (mmm..smoothies). Chiquita has a nifty visual tool on its website that will help you size up your banana's ripeness and suitability for a wide range of recipes

Super brown, basically black bananas look, well, gross. But while they may be unappetizing in the fruit bowl, Chiquita says those brown beasts actually pack more antioxidants than their younger, prettier cousins. As long as you don’t see mold or ooze, they’re safe to eat, and they’re ideal for baking. Or, pop them in a bag in the freezer. Once you’ve accumulated several, blend them with whatever other yummy things you might have on hand (Nutella? Peanut butter? Yogurt?) for a delicious (and healthy!) frozen dessert. Starting to get hungry? Check out our post on frozen banana ice cream.

This rather brown banana is still good to eat!


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Banana Bananarama

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