April 14, 2020

What you see: A spinach leaf with a hole that’s not quite a hole; there's a layer of clear tissue remaining
What it is: Window-paning! Evidence of a picky insect’s snacking
Eat or toss: Trim around it, or, if you're comfortable with a slight additional risk, just give...

March 13, 2020

What you see: A white capsule on the underside of your kale leaf
What it is: The cocoon of a pupating insect
Eat or toss: Flick off the cocoon, give the kale a good rinse and proceed with dinner

The story:
Certain types of insects go through several distinct stages: the...

December 15, 2019

What you see: A greenish brownish, maybe wet "dirt" on your kale leaves
What it is: Caterpiller poop
Eat or toss:  If the kale is otherwise healthy looking, give it a gooooooood rinse, and then eat. Trim off any nibbled on areas. If the caterpillars have really sabotag...

November 10, 2019

What you see: Green wormy grubs in broccoli, maybe even left behind in your cooking water (where they probably turned white). They may have also eaten away at part of the broccoli.
What it is: Caterpillars, specifically imported cabbageworms
Eat or toss: Pick off...

November 5, 2019

What you see: A worm thing burrowing in your turnip
What it is: A maggot! Specifically, a root maggot.
Eat or toss: Cut around the maggot and its trails. The rest of the turnip is fine. 

The story:
Talk about an uninvited dinner guest.

Root maggots are skilled at making...

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