October 10, 2020


What you see: Rough brown skin forming a thick band that partially or entirely encircles the fruit. The apple is probably shaped a bit oddly too.
What it is: Frost ring, which occurs after there’s a freeze when apples are in bloom 
Eat or toss: Eat!

The story: 

June 11, 2020

What you see: Brown speckles on your dried apricot
What it is: Natural variation on the apricot’s skin
Eat or toss: Eat!

The story:
Dried apricots come to us fully clothed. That is, processing companies dry them with their skins on; while they are sometimes sliced in ha...

June 8, 2020

What you see: A brown area inside your avocado.  
What it is: The avocado could have been dropped or otherwise bumped; And/or it could be infected.
Eat or toss: Cut out the brown area and eat the rest!

The story:
No matter how you slice it (har!), the fat end of this av...

May 26, 2020

What you see: Brown and black streaks or dots in avocado flesh
What it is: Vascular browning! Mmmm!
Eat or toss? The avocado is edible, but may not taste as good. If the spots are relatively mild (and brown, rather than black), give it a taste test. 

The story: 
The ins...

May 13, 2020

What you see: Your golden raisins are brown
What it is: Raisins that either weren’t properly treated or were kept too warm; either could cause them to brown
Eat or toss: Eat! They’re still safe and should taste fine. 

The story:
Up until this very moment, you may have i...

March 5, 2020

What you see: Brownish discoloration inside a plum
What it is: Likely flesh browning from too-cold storage 
Eat or toss: The plum doesn’t taste good, right? It’s probably mealy and relatively flavorless. It won’t hurt you, but if you aren’t enjoying it, go ahead and to...

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