October 10, 2020


What you see: Rough brown skin forming a thick band that partially or entirely encircles the fruit. The apple is probably shaped a bit oddly too.
What it is: Frost ring, which occurs after there’s a freeze when apples are in bloom 
Eat or toss: Eat!

The story: 

May 21, 2020

What you see/experience: An apple with an icky, sandy texture; it’s mealy.
What it is: A mealy apple! It's been stored for a while and lost some of its moisture and texture with age.
Eat or toss: If it doesn’t bother you too much, keep eating. If it does, chop it and z...

December 8, 2018

I still remember my first sip of that strange drink called shrub. It was refreshing, perfectly fruity, sweet, but not cloying; it had a little bit of a bite. 

“What IS this?” I asked the bartender. This is when he explained that a shrub was a “drinking vinegar.”


August 19, 2018

Bitter pit. Photo courtesy of Penn State University.

What you see: Little, dark sunken spots on the outside of your apple; and/or brown spots just underneath the skin
What it is: Bitter pit, a defect caused by insufficient calcium
Eat or toss: Peel off the spots and eat...

July 10, 2018

ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar crafts some truly local ciders in Washington, DC. Featured as part of the original #RescueDish for using apples that might have otherwise been wasted, the Washington, DC restaurant and cidery has a number of sustainability tricks up its oak ba...

November 18, 2017

What you see: Scab-like browning on apple skin What it is: Apple scab! Eat or toss?...

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