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This rum custard can be made with any amount of cream

Extra Cream Rum Custard


A great way to use up any amount of cream!


Cream. 1 – 3 cups.I’ve used both table cream and various types of whipping cream. See note for more on the volume of cream.

Eggs. 4 – 6. If I have less cream, I use more eggs.

Yogurt. A giant scoop, if you want. The amount you add, and whether you add yogurt at all is really up to you. I’ve found the yogurt adds a little bit of a cheesy tang to the custard and helps with volume if you add less cream or more eggs. If you’re in a hurry, it may not mix well, resulting in little yogurty beads in the final product. This has never bothered me.

Sugar. 3/4 cup.

Rum. 5 tablespoons.

Vanilla extract. A hearty splash. As much as a tablespoon or more should be delicious.

Your favorite sweet spice. 1 teaspoon or more. Or put to work a sweet spice you’re trying to use up. I’ve found that nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice pairs really well. I’ve also used matcha powder, though for that rendition I skipped the rum.

Kosher salt.  ½ teaspoon.


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees.
  2. Whisk together the sugar, salt, eggs, vanilla and any other spices. Whisk in the yogurt. Whisk in the cream and rum.
  3. Pour into a 3-quart baking dish (or something approximately that size). Put the baking dish in the oven resting inside a semi-deep pan. Pour boiling water into the pan so it comes about halfway up the sides of the baking dish.
  4. Bake for at least an hour. You’ll know it’s done when it firms up and separates a bit from the sides of the baking dish, and browns just a bit on top (admittedly, the one pictured below, probably should have been taken out of the oven five minutes sooner). It often puffs up a bit like a soufflé.
  5. You’ll want to let it cool a bit before serving. It should stay good in the fridge for several days. It’s delicious served either warm or cold.


The original recipe calls for four eggs and four cups of cream. Since I use much less cream, I approximate the volume lost by adding more eggs and yogurt. You really can’t go wrong. The combination you use will impact the texture of the dish, but, while I’ve created a variety of textures with different ratios, the texture has always been lovely.