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We hope you’ll use as a resource to help you avoid throwing away food at home. We feel we’re doing our job if we can keep good food out of the garbage. But, what's that you say, you want to do more? Well, great! We'd be thrilled if you could do any of the following:


This is a labor of love, but it still comes with expenses. To help us cover our operating expenses, please consider making a donation, via Press Patron or PayPal.


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Do you have web or copyediting skills and want to get involved? We’re looking for experienced media folks to help improve our website and save us from typos. Reach out to us at with details on your background and how you’d like to help. We're also always looking for people with advanced degrees in food science, plant pathology, post-harvest technology and related fields to consult. If you work in the field (pun intended!) and would like to share your expertise, please get in touch!

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We're currently accepting the following types of submissions:


Recipes. Do you have a recipe that uses up a commonly wasted item? If so, please send it our way! Please make sure the recipe is flexible and doesn't require specific quantities of ingredients. We also require an image with each recipe submission. Priority will be given to recipe submissions from those who work in culinary fields and those who work on the food waste movement. 

Personal pieces. What is your food waste philosophy? Do you have a particularly novel way of avoiding food waste that you'd like to share with our readers? We will consider personal essays and "listicles" of 500 -750 words. Photos are suggested, but not required.

Eat-or-Toss dilemmas. These are currently written exclusively in-house, so at this point we encourage you to simply submit an image of an item you're unsure about or believe other people might be unsure about. If, however, you have a food science or horticulture background and would like to talk about guest posting, please get in touch. 

Submissions and queries can be sent to Thanks for thinking of us!

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